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WHMIS 2015 GHS Online Training

Canada has aligned WHMIS with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). GHS was developed by the United Nations to establish globally a common set of rules for classifying hazardous products, labels, and a standard format for Safety Data Sheets or SDSs (formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets or MSDS). GHS does not replace WHMIS. Some of the benefits of aligning with GHS include: Standardized Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), standardized language on hazard and precautionary statements, new hazard classes and more comprehensive hazard classification criteria. Full implementation of WHMIS 2015 is December 1, 2018, when all suppliers and employers are required to be in compliance. The goal of WHMIS is to create a safe and healthy workplace. WHMIS is successful only when suppliers, employers and workers assume their responsibilities.

Learn more about the WHMIS 2015 GHS transition timeline

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Our WHMIS 2015 GHS e-Learning program is the most comprehensive online training program on the market and is available through hosting on our/your Learning Management System, or purchase our SCORM compliant package.

Course material presents an interactive design for education and training under Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). The goal of our online WHMIS e-Learning program is to give participants knowledge and information which they can understand and apply in the workplace to safely handle, store and dispose of hazardous materials. A Certificate of Completion is provided upon successful completion of the online WHMIS 2015 GHS test.


Topics include
  • Basics of WHMIS
  • WHMIS 2015 GHS legislation and enforcement (including responsibilities)
  • WHMIS labels (workplace and supplier)
  • Protective Personal Equipment (PPE)
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)
  • Hazard classes and their WHMIS pictograms
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • WHMIS training and education
  • Apply knowledge of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) in your workplace
  • Describe the different requirements for supplier and workplace labels
  • Find information on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to use the product safely in your work area
  • Explain the health and safety hazards you may encounter
  • Identify the WHMIS pictograms and the safety precautions to take when handling the product or material
  • Describe your rights and responsibilities as they relate to WHMIS legislation
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Our online WHMIS 2015 GHS e-Learning Program is created specifically for those in Canadian workplaces who have already had some training on the basic concepts of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) or to provide training to new hires. This online e-learning training program allows participants to quickly refresh their WHMIS understanding.

The WHMIS 2015 GHS online e-learning training program will have participants review WHMIS basics and Canadian legislation on the global harmonization system, hazard classes and their WHMIS pictograms, labels and safety data sheets (SDSs) and learn key tips for working safely with hazardous materials.

Note that this online e-learning training program does not cover certain special issues and requirements that may apply to laboratories or workplaces where chemicals are produced, formulated or packaged.

Developed by HR Proactive Inc., the WHMIS 2015 GHS online e-Learning program features a built-in review WHMIS test. Those who score at least 80% on the final test will be able to print a WHMIS 2015 GHS Certificate of Completion.

Our online WHMIS 2015 GHS e-Learning Program is branded with your company logo and can be hosted on our Learning Management System (LMS) or yours, or purchase our SCORM compliant package. Ask us about our payment plan options!



This is a refresher online WHMIS e-learning training program. Prior to taking this program, participants should have completed a comprehensive classroom workshop.

This online WHMIS 2015 GHS e-learning program is available to be purchased on a login and password basis or outright as a Scorm-compliant program that you can implement into your Learning Management System (LMS).

HR Proacti ve Inc. can also host your own customized training centre portal with HR Proactive’s suite of compliance e-Learning programs. Call for information about the various options available for purchasing WHMIS 2015 GHS suite of products at Toll Free 1.888.552.1155.
  • WHMIS 2015 GHS e-Learning training is delivered online quickly, easily and conveniently, 24/7
  • Consistent training available simultaneously to numerous staff in multiple locations
  • Completely bilingual course content is available
  • No start-up fee, no software to install and no long-term obligation
  • Comprehensive electronic documentation of employee WHMIS 2015 GHS online training
  • Access to group progress and printable reports in real time via LMS
  • Minimize instructor administration time, eliminate cumbersome paperwork
  • Ability to incorporate evaluation test questions specific to your company and brand with your logo
  • Ability for the participant to log in to this WHMIS 2015 GHS online e-Learning program multiple times over an extended period
Target Audience
  • Workers and supervisors in workplaces where controlled products are used
  • Human resources and safety professionals with responsibilities for training and compliance
  • Anyone who works with, or near, controlled products

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